My SME Internship: Regina – WeTrack

A photo of Regina, smiling.I am very grateful to have been offered an internship opportunity through the SME Internship Scheme.

As an international student, I spent three months searching for a graduate job in the UK after I finished my one-year master’s programme. I found the challenges and competition higher than ever in the wake of the global pandemic. Thus, I applied for internship vacancies on the Careers Service website to enhance my employability in the local market.

I found a role as an Account Setup and Support Intern at WeTrack. WeTrack is a start-up company that uses project management software developed in-house to improve the planning and operations of sports events, venues, federations and organisations in the UK and the rest of the world.

To kick off my first week, I was introduced to a variety of software applications used for their business and customer support, for example, Intercom and Confluence. I also had an induction into event operations and working with clients.

The WeTrack logo, reads 'WeTrack.'

Apart from acquiring this essential knowledge, I also shadowed my colleagues in client meetings to learn about clients’ needs, which led to my three major projects:

  • Proposal for customer success in WeTrack
  • Proposal for the client referral programme
  • Designing and creating pre-training material for clients

While working on the above projects, I updated clients’ records on systems and provided customer support on live chat. Guidance from the staff was very helpful and significant to my success in this position.

Picture of a slide, reads 'Creating Tasks (6 steps).'
A slide of the pre-training material for clients.

Throughout the one-month internship, I enriched my knowledge and skills as follows:

  • B2B software as a service
  • Account management
  • Communication skills, including presentation
  • Creating digital learning material
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Collaboration skills as a team
  • Various business software applications.

A couple of tips I would give to help you maximise the positive experience of your internship:

  • Establish goals to achieve for the employer and yourself, and review them regularly
  • Communicate with your colleagues, for example, share opinions, goals and learning needs and ask for any support that you need
  • Follow the company’s brand guidance when making slides for presentation
  • Ask for feedback about your internship and share your experience with your employer in return
  • Keep in touch with the staff after the internship, using LinkedIn and email.

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