Sport and employability: the perfect team

Are you a Student Leader, volunteer or coach in one of Bristol SU’s Sporting groups and societies? 

According to Public Health England, students “with better health and wellbeing are likely to achieve better academically.” So not only does being part of a sporting group or society increase those endorphins, connect you with people and develop valuable skills, it can help you succeed! This topic is brilliantly explored in the recent Wonkhe blog: “Demonstrating the link between sports and student success 


Game Changers is a scheme funded by the University where you can get 75% of the costs for a coaching or development course covered (up to £200!) upon its completion and volunteering for 10 hours. This is a great opportunity to not only further your personal development but also help the development of the club and the sport.

Volunteering or coaching in sports also contributes to achieving the Bristol PLUS Award. Game Changers can be used towards the ‘Workshops and courses’ section as well as the 70 hours of ‘Experience’ section. 

Amy’s PLUS Award Experience

We chatted to Amy BrookBristol SU’s current Sport & Student Development Officer, and she told us why she thinks taking part in the PLUS award is so valuable for Student Leaders, Coaches and Volunteers: 

( Image from Bristol SU Website )

“Along with having the individual skills and abilities acquired within your role, it looks fantastic on a CV to have achieved the Bristol PLUS Award and completed the other necessary criteria. 

 The Bristol PLUS Award is not only an opportunity to challenge yourself more, but also to receive recognition for work you’re already doing. By doing the PLUS Award, the effort and hours that are put into things like running a sports club can be recognised in a way that is digestible to employers. 

 As a student leader you often already have the skills necessary to complete the PLUS award, such as leadership, teamwork, time management and organisation. As well as the things that you will already be doing, the Bristol PLUS Award encourages you to do other beneficial activities that will enhance things like effective communication skills. 

Sport intensive skills activities cover a number of things, from any committee position, being a sport activator, taking part in Game Changers, as well as activities such as receiving an officiating qualification.” 

Remember past and present activity can count for the PLUS Award, so if you have done any of the roles Amy mentions above or anything similar during your time as a student on your current course, it can be rewarded through the PLUS Award! 

Nilabhra’s Game Changers Experience

Nilabhra is one of our PLUS Award achievers who benefitted from the Game Changers scheme, and shares:

“Participation in the Game Changers program has been transformative, offering coaching qualifications and substantial financial support, easing barriers to participation. The program’s flexibility seamlessly accommodated academic commitments while active volunteering aligned with my passion for sports.”

“On your journey towards completing the PLUS Award, you will find yourself diving head-first into activities and roles you had never even imagined you would, and you will most certainly find yourself.”

If this sounds like something of interest to you, visit the SU’s Sports, Clubs and Societies pages or the Sports Leadership and Volunteering section of the University website to find out how you can get involved.

Visit the Bristol PLUS Award webpages and the Game Changers webpage for more information.