Explore the world – it’s still possible!

Are you yearning to experience different cultures and meet new people?

Flags of the world
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Whilst worldwide travel might not be on the agenda right now, it’s still possible to make intercultural connections, through learning and engaging, right here.

Discovering what the world has to offer starts with tapping into local opportunities that could lead to big adventures in the future.

Globalise your career

Employers tell us time and time again that global employability skills are high up on their wish list. This doesn’t only apply to large multinationals – smaller organisations also value the personal skills that are gained through intercultural awareness.

Through interacting with different cultures, you will gain:

  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Problem solving
  • Initiative
  • Sensitivity  … and much, much more.

Employers want to hear about how you’ve challenged yourself, been open-minded, and positive about your interactions with people from different backgrounds. If you can demonstrate your willingness to learn and embrace different perspectives, you’ll make a better employee who is able to listen and share ideas.

Global opportunities on your doorstep

Visit the university’s Global Lounge cultural hub which gives all students opportunities celebrate, share, and learn together. With students from over 150 nationalities at the University, the Global Lounge helps to host events that allow students to showcase their heritage and culture.

Travel the World series: Where will you go next?

Discover new places and destinations with the Travel the World series.

Immerse yourself in different parts of the world as fellow student and staff volunteers share insightful stories and experiences from across the globe. Do you want to find out more about life in Dubai, Berlin, India or the USA? You can travel virtually and revisit past destinations.

Global Opportunities Scholarship

You can still gain valuable experience through a virtual international opportunity. This could be a remote internship or volunteering placement, an online summer school, or a language course.  If you find a virtual international opportunity with a programme fee, you can apply for a Global Opportunities Scholarship of up to £500 to help cover the cost. Find more information and apply via the Global Opportunities Scholarship webpage.
Application deadlines: Wednesday 31 March and Friday 30 April

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Future planning

With an optimistic hat on, you can look forward to a time when you’ll be able to travel again.
Why not use this time to do some research and planning?

  1. Consider your motivations – what do you hope to get out of spending time abroad?
  2. Explore the different routes available. Will you work and earn, volunteer, study, research, or travel? Visit Global Opportunities for ideas.
  3. Plan for practicalities. Make a checklist that covers things like costs, time commitment, travel restrictions, visa and medical requirements.
  4. Reflect on the personal skills you develop, which will help you in future career planning.

Remember – going abroad might not be possible right now
but developing a global mindset is!