MOB Football: The inter-cultural football league tackling racism and integrating student communities

Each year, the Bristol PLUS Award recognises students for their hard work and personal development outside of their studies. Obafemi Alabi, Bristol SU’s Sports and Student Development Officer, is a PLUS Alumni whose inspiring work alongside his studies earnt him both the Bristol PLUS Award and an Outstanding Award.

A photo of Obafemi, smiling
Obafemi Alabi, Bristol SU’s Sports and Student Development Officer, and MOB Football founder

Obafemi achieved both Awards after he completed a sustainable energy internship, worked as the sports representative of the ACS (African and Caribbean Society) and co-founded MOB Football, a new inter-cultural football league, tackling racism and integrating student communities.


‘The mission of MOB Football is to assist in creating awareness and tackling the problem of racism and representation within football through collaboration with university teams and societies.

‘MOB Football ran a year-long inter-cultural football league tournament which featured different BAME societies such as the African Caribbean Society, among others. Through this, I was able to provide an innovative opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to understand different cultures by socialising with one another through football, thereby breaking down cultural barriers.’

During the challenges of national lockdowns and the coronavirus pandemic, before they could get back on the pitch, Obafemi and his co-founders were able to continue to keep the MOB Football community together through online discussions, including a panel event with industry insiders for Black History Month: “Empowering Black Players: Football and Racism”.

The Bristol PLUS Award and Outstanding Award recognised Obafemi’s commitment to both his extra-curricular work and his personal development. He gained many valuable skills along the way.

‘My Bristol PLUS Award experience was a brilliant and exhilarating experience in terms of the knowledge I gained, the tough experiences I went through, and the time spent developing skills such as leadership, organisation, time-management and adaptation.’

After completing his BSc in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Obafemi has now been elected as the Student Union’s Sports and Student Development Officer for this year.  Find out more about his role on the SU Website.

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