My IKEEP Experience: Beixi’s thoughts on Intrapreneurial training

The IKEEP programme is designed for current students (on undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research degrees from all disciplines) to expand their skillset through intrapreneurial training and engage with organisations as business advisors on knowledge exchange projects.

Through IKEEP’s online training, you could learn key skills in areas such as business models, critical thinking, effective communication, and problem solving in around 10 hours.

This is a great opportunity to expand your skillset and experience; increasing your graduate opportunities and employability.

Employers often seek an intrapreneurial mindset in their graduate recruits, because with this mindset, they will be able to spot gaps in the market, use innovation, and be commercially minded. The IKEEP training will equip you with the skills to drive innovation and bring fresh thinking to businesses.

We caught up with PGR student Beixi to hear more about her experience during IKEEP’s Intrapreneurial training.

Beixi Li, PhD Translation (Arts Faculty)
  1. What attracted you to participate in the IKEEP Programme?

The IKEEP programme provides extensive training in management skills and business knowledge, as well as the opportunity to apply for a short-term placement. In addition, this training framework provides some new ideas for Arts students, such as myself, to explore more career options in the future.

  1. What did you learn from the Intrapreneurial training?

The programme started with an online course that allowed me to learn a lot about business and entrepreneurship, both of which were new to me.

Furthermore, there was an interactive online course at the end of the online training that helped us to review what we had learnt up to that point and allowed us to interact with other students who participated in the programme.

It also offers placement opportunities for students to gain real-world experience, which is especially beneficial for those with no or little work experience.

The training is beneficial not only to students who intend to work in an established company but also to those who plan to start their own business.

  1. How has the IKEEP training contributed towards your career planning?

The IKEEP training has provided useful resources such as communication and relationship building; active listening; and problem-solving in business and has assisted me in preparing for future career opportunities. I am planning to enter academia after graduation however, I am now considering starting my own business in the future.

  1. Would you recommend this programme to other students at the University of Bristol?

I would highly recommend the IKEEP programme to other students at the University, particularly those interested in entrepreneurship.

And students in Arts like me, I would definitely encourage them to apply for this training to gain new insights and real-world experience through intrapreneurial training and short-term placements.


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