5 Ways a Mentor Can Help

Thinking ahead to the future can be exciting as well as daunting. Right now, you might have more questions than answers. Finding a mentor can be a hugely positive experience which can help you gain clarity and confidence. It is even a process that a potential mentor will enjoy as much as you!

If you are interested in finding a mentor the Bristol Mentors Scheme is now open for applications for eligible students returning to Bristol for study in September.

This year’s mentees are already reaping rewards, and with their help we’ve highlighted 5 important ways you can benefit from having a mentor.

Having a mentor can:

1. Help you gain confidence in your career plans and work on ways to secure experience.

Hannah, French BA; “Since working with my mentor, I have gained confidence in my career plans and we have worked together on ways I can gain more professional experiences that are relevant to the sector.”

2. Allow you to gain valuable insight into the sector you are interested in, how you can break in and who may be able to help.

Fleur, Religion and Theology BA; “It has been amazing to gain insight into the sector from my mentor and understand the different roles on offer. I feel more on track and it has been really useful being introduced to new contacts through my mentor.”

3. Provide you with honest feedback on applications and advice on ways you can improve.

Aiman, Cellular and Molecular Medicine BSc; “With the help of my mentor, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the role I’m applying to. I’ve also managed to write up a draft version of my application answers and have received really good feedback on how to improve.”

4. Give you a competitive edge and help you level the playing field.

Ella, Medicine MBChB; “The prospect of a research opportunity set up by my mentor will enable me to have a competitive edge to my CV and enable me to demonstrate commitment to a speciality within medicine.”

5. Alleviate some of the concerns you may have about the future and help you navigate a way forward.

Ayla, Childhood Studies BSc; “I feel slightly overwhelmed about entering into the field of law having done a non-law degree, however my support from my mentor is extremely beneficial by helping me navigate some of these unfamiliar steps.”

Applications for Bristol Mentors are open throughout March 2022. You can find out more information, check your eligibility and start your application here on our programme webpage.

For further advice on finding a mentor and increasing your network please use our Live Chat service.