Careers in Medicine

Welcome to the fascinating world of medicine. Where science and compassion interact to save lives and transform the human experience.

Panellist, Amber, speaks to students at the Careers Service about the Mature Medic Platform.

In March we welcomed a panel of 4 speakers for a panel event, who shared their experiences, as well as their top tips, to students interested in a career in medicine.  

Meet the panellists

Amber, a fourth-year MB ChB student at the University of Bristol, believes age should never be a barrier.

  • studying medicine as a mature student.
  • completed her PhD in Biochemistry at University of Bristol.
  • Her experiences motivated her to set up The Mature Medic Platform for students aged 21 and over.  The Mature Medic Platform offers guidance and mentorship for applying to medicine. Their ‘spotlight’ student videos also highlight the diversity of career journeys into medicine.

Ebube, a second-year MB ChB student at the University of Bristol, shared her experiences of struggling to secure a place to study medicine.

  • She was initially unfamiliar with the application process and overcame many hurdles.
  • She started her degree after a delay of two years.

Her passion for medicine and her perseverance led her to success. Ebube proves that passion can help you achieve your goals.

Jade, is a second-year graduate Professional Entry Medicine student at King’s College. She initially completed a Cellular and Molecular Medicine undergraduate degree.

  • During her degree, she embraced volunteering activities and part-time work.
  • She volunteered in residential care and coordinated a project for isolated older people.
  • She also tutored GCSE and A level students.
  • Jade also worked as a Widening Participation Ambassador and Open Day Host for the university. 

She believes engaging in opportunities to interact with different people during your degree is beneficial as patient interaction is such a vital part of medicine. Every experience counts!

Jodie is a University of Bristol medicine graduate, a Clinical Teaching Fellow on the MB ChB at the university, and is due to start Obstetrics and Gynaecology speciality training in 2023. She believes in the importance of continuous learning.

Never stop being open to learning. You’ll continue to learn throughout your career in medicine.

  • Jodie advises reflecting on why you want to pursue this career. What does medicine mean to you, and why is it important? Have you challenged these thoughts?
  • Medicine is a very rewarding career but can be very difficult at times. So it’s worth spending time understanding your motivations and reasons for pursuing medicine. This can help identify if medicine is the right choice for you.

Of course, the Careers Service can help too! We offer appointments to help reflect on your options. Talk to us on Live Chat or drop-in to see us at 5 Tyndall Avenue.

Top tips for students interested in applying for medicine:

Are you studying a non-science undergraduate degree?

Check each school’s eligibility as some offer places for non-science graduates, though criteria vary. Your current academic qualifications may be enough. Or schools may offer the opportunity to apply for a preliminary year. This is an alternative pathway into studying Medicine for students who don’t have the required ‘A’ level or equivalent subjects.

Useful links for further information. Happy exploring!

  • Careers Service Health Sector Guide – Medicine.  Includes advice on finding work experience. University of Bristol medicine students also share their varied routes into medicine and their advice for starting this journey
  • British Medical Association Studying medicine (  Information on how to become a doctor and what to expect at medical school
  • NHS Doctors | Health Careers. An introduction to medicine as a career and options to explore other NHS careers 
  • The Mature Medic Platform.  Advice on applying to medical school. Includes video ‘spotlights’ where mature medics share their varied career journeys into medicine 
  • Careers Service Online medicine panel recording. Medicine students and doctors share their experiences of studying and working in medicine.

This blog is written by Priyam Suri, MSc Bioinformatics