How IKEEP can help you become an INTRApreneur

Would you like to develop your Intrapreneurial skills and gain invaluable experience working with entrepreneurs?

Our IKEEP (Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway) programme is designed for current students from all disciplines to undertake training and engage with industry on knowledge exchange projects as business advisors.

Students will get the opportunity to develop business model solutions and market awareness whilst enhancing their skills as intrapreneurs and future employees.

IKEEP students attending a training session with Deloitte.

The IKEEP programme includes training in a range of business areas such as managing innovation, business model canvas and leadership strategies. After completing the training, you can apply for a project placement which matches businesses with teams of proactive students to tackle innovative project briefs through flexible 4-week project placements.

These knowledge exchange opportunities enable regional businesses to develop and grow while honing the talent of future graduates. Additionally, upon completion of a project placement, students will receive a stipend of £500. The training and project placement can also count towards your Bristol PLUS Award.

We spoke to one of our students, Mariella Smith, who completed the IKEEP training this term:

Student Mariella Smith

What attracted you to the IKEEP programme?

The opportunity to advance my skills with training that is directly related to a professional environment. I had limited relevant work experience, and I was excited by the chance to receive insights from industry experts. Reading accounts of the valuable learning former participants gained inspired me to apply. I can confirm I feel the training has improved my confidence and is assisting me greatly as I am currently applying for graduate jobs. 

What did you learn from the IKEEP training?  

I believe the experience has strengthened crucial employability skills. For instance, how to effectively communicate and present to an audience; important skills required for project management and promoted general collaboration and teamwork exercises. 

How does the IKEEP experience contribute towards your career planning?   

I have included my participation in IKEEP training in my applications for graduate jobs. I believe the experience will be very useful in helping me to explain to employees how I have relevant commercial acumen and skills. 

Would you recommend this programme to other students?   

100%! It has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I have experienced since studying at the University of Bristol. The experience has allowed me to meet so many new faces, it has encouraged meaningful discussions and has greatly improved my confidence in my abilities now that I am applying to graduate roles. 

If you are interested in taking part in the next round of IKEEP training, apply now on the SETsquared webpage.

You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions in our IKEEP FAQs on mycareers, and if they don’t cover everything, you can also email the IKEEP