Calling all Outstanding students!

Update: The Outstanding Award process closed after the 2020/21 academic year. Current students who have made an outstanding contribution to their PLUS Award activity may consider engaging with the Outstanding PLUS Award, which launched in the 2021/22 academic year.  

We have officially launched the Outstanding Award for the 2020/21 academic year! 

The Outstanding Award, the big sister of the PLUS Award, rewards students who have achieved something substantial and significant outside of their studies at Bristol and are up for the challenge of taking their employability skills to the next level. 


We asked some of last year’s Outstanding Award achievers why they would recommend the experience to their fellow students…

Kacper Sokol, designed ThermoGromit as part of Gromit Unleashed 2 Art Trail. Computer Science (PhD) Year 4 

The Outstanding Award prompts you to critically reflect upon your activity, recognise your contributions and identify the skills that you developed throughout the whole process. It is an opportunity to experience a real-life recruitment process and improve your interview technique. 

Kudzi Manase, founded, a lifestyle and careers website for Zimbabwean women. Honours Law (BsC) UG Year 2 

The entire process is great practice for when you start going through graduate recruitment processes. The initial application requires a lot of reflection and attention to detail which is something employers look for when screening candidates. 

Lucienne Spencer, organised a Women in Philosophy Postgraduate Researcher conference. Philosophy (PhD) Year 3 

Having the Outstanding Award on your job applications is a great way to stand out as a competitive candidate. It will help you develop the ways in which you present your achievements in job applications and interviews.” 

Left to right: Kacper Sokol, Kudzi Manase, Lucienne Spencer, Katie Cox and Raj Ranavaya – 2019-20 OA achievers

Katie Cox, made significant improvements within Bristol University A Cappella Society. Neuroscience (BsC) UG Year 3 

The award gives a fantastic opportunity for self-reflection. The projects themselves are also really rewarding and make a great thing to talk about in interviews.” 

Raj Ranavaya, partnered with a YouTube influencer in his role as Media Production Editor at CATS Aviation. Aerospace Engineering (MEng) UG Year 4 

Don’t hesitate one bit – If you feel like your achievements have made a significant impact in any of the Outstanding Award categories, then this award is for you! Not only does sharing your contributions with others feel rewarding, but it also highlights your personal development to employers who are always on the lookout for talent. Achieving the Outstanding Award has really strengthened my future job applications, since it demonstrates my ability to go above and beyond what is expected of me and that I approach any challenge head-on.