My SME Internship: Emma – Neurometry

Hi, I’m Emma, a Neuroscience BSc graduate. In 2023, I spent six months working as a research analyst with Neurometry.

I started as an intern on the SME Internship Scheme from January to April and then Neurometry extended my contract.

Neurometry is a start-up that is developing cognitive training tools for older adults. The company is based in London but mostly works remotely.

A photo of Emma, smiling to the camera.

As it is a relatively early start-up my role was varied. My main projects included:

  1. Market analysis – interviewing target users to understand their requirements for the software and communicating this back to the development team
  2. Website design – redesigning the website, writing scientific content, and creating wireframes to be implemented by the developer
  3. Data science – loading data from a cloud server and reformatting it for analysis.

Through this experience, I developed skills in communication, design and programming. I felt well prepared for this role from my degree and other courses that I have taken.

The biggest challenge that I faced during the internship was the remote way of working. Initially, I found it difficult to collaborate with colleagues and ask for help when needed. However, the weekly team meetings were helpful to encourage the team to work together and I formed a good relationship with my supervisor who checked in on a weekly basis.

If you are thinking of doing an internship at an SME I would definitely recommend it! Due to the varied nature of my work I have been able to gain experience in multiple fields and work with really great people in the company. An internship is a great way to try out a role that you may be interested in. For me, I am hoping to explore data science further as I have enjoyed this project that I was involved in and will be a studying a masters in Computer Science this academic year.

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