How are PLUS students engaging with the Bristol Futures open online courses?

Bristol Futures open online courses are now an essential element of the Bristol PLUS Award. With their broad range of topics and interactive learning style, it’s hardly surprising that they are receiving great reviews – but who is doing what, and which might you do?

Across all faculties, the Innovation and Enterprise course has been the most popular with PLUS participants. This course explores how ideas become innovations, understanding ‘accidental’ invention, how to engineer your own luck and uses the Lean Start-up method to show you how to test your ideas out.

“The main thing I will take from the Innovation and enterprise course is to seize every opportunity that comes my way, even if it initially doesn’t seem like anything will come from it. It is also really important to make connections and work with other people to refine ideas.” (PLUS student)

Sustainable Futures has been popular with Science & Engineering students. The course aims to equip learners in understanding sustainability challenges and how to make positive contributions to society. Discover how happiness and purpose links to sustainable development, and how to make a difference at both local and regional levels on global issues such as food waste, energy and homelessness.

“I chose Sustainable Futures, it was partially what I expected, but so much more. The final series focusing on your own wellbeing and appreciating yourself, as part of appreciating the planet has really helped me to take a step back and reflect.” (PLUS student)

26% of PLUS students engaged with the Global Citizenship course. With the highest volume of participants in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Law. This course explores how we should approach global challenges like equality and difference, climate change and tensions between local, national and global interests. Understand how you can make a difference on a global scale by learning how interconnected our world is.

“The Bristol futures course was one of my favourite parts of the Award. I did the Global Citizenship option and loved it. It challenged me on certain viewpoints and encouraged me to find alternative ways to express things, and to collaboratively discuss and debate.” (PLUS student)

Bristol Futures open online courses are open to all – students and staff and the public! They run 3 times each year. The next round starts on 11 February 2019. Join here and enrol on your next course today!