Top careers tips from the Career Peer Support Assistants

Here at the Careers Service we have a team of Career Peer Support Assistants who are current students and help us with helping you. We asked some of the team to introduce themselves and share their top careers tips:

I’m Jasmine, I’m a third-year Theatre and Performance student.

I have a particular interest in the supernatural on the Victorian stage, and I’m really looking forward to working with the Careers Service this academic year! My Careers Service top tip is to attend as many online events, workshops and presentations as possible – they can open your eyes to job pathways that you may never have known about!

I’m Paula, I’m studying Psychology.

My favourite Careers Service resource is the Application and CV checks! I think getting someone else’s perspective on an application can really make a difference when applying to internships or graduate roles.



I’m Yun Wen, a third-year L.L.B Singaporean international student.

I obtained my Ruby coding certification from Singapore Management University and I am interested in Technology, Social Enterprises and Alternative Dispute Resolution. I am also an International Student Ambassador and place great value on diversity and inclusion. My favourite Career Service resource is Interview 360, the interview simulator tool- it gives you a way to practice and it has top tips from employers. As the saying goes practice makes perfect and I use this to practice before my video interviews and assessment centres.


I’m Susi, a fourth year politics and International Relations student.

I’m hoping to go into human rights advocacy and international development when I graduate. Working for the Careers Service has given me more than any other part time job I have had, as I am learning about resources and careers information for my future too whilst also helping others! My Careers Service top tip is that nobody is certain about their career coming out of university so it is best to keep an open mind and look at all the options available (Careers Service has lots of useful resources!). My favourite Careers Service resource- the sector guides! They always answer all my questions and are organised so well!


I’m Sid, former TEFL teacher studying MSc Inclusive Education.

The best resource on the Careers Service is definitely the sector guides! They have sections on where to apply for a job in that sector, some information on what you need, and best of all the bit that shows alumni working in this sector – It’s helpful to know that other Bristol graduates are finding success in that field!


For any other help or support with all things careers, check out our website, log in to mycareer and have a browse, get going with the Career Ready Course or come and speak to one of this lovely bunch (or another of our, also lovely, team) on live chat.