What’s the fuss with the PLUS for Postgraduate Researchers?


The Bristol PLUS Award is the University’s employability Award, open to students across all years of study – including Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs). In fact, PGR achievers speak so highly of the Award process, we thought we’d share highlights from their feedback:

Supporting research ‘The PLUS Award provided me with a really useful framework to develop a range of skills that benefited my PhD and made me critically think about my research and future career.’

Broadening the PGR experience ‘As a Postgraduate Research student, it can be easy to focus so intently on your studies that you forget how much university life still has to offer. The Bristol PLUS Award has encouraged me to seek out experiences, and engage with a wider range of students and staff, which I am incredibly grateful for.’

Develop Skills ‘The Bristol PLUS Award encouraged me to reflect and learn from all the activities I was doing already. This has enabled me to be confident in articulating my skills when in job interviews and applications.’

Consolidate and be recognised ‘The Bristol PLUS Award was an opportunity to clearly identify all the skills I was developing through engaging in different activities alongside my research. It was also an opportunity to be recognised for all of the work and extracurricular activities I had engaged in.’

The Award recognises many PGR related activates that you may already be engaging with, for example, undergraduate teaching or demonstrating, work on journal papers or attending events with the Bristol Doctoral Collage.

It can also provide you with the perfect opportunity to gain experiences that align with your values, or explore what you feel these values truly are!

So, whether you are looking to succeed in an academic or non-academic career, the PLUS Award will provide you with the framework to recognise, understand and translate your skills to a broad audience.

To find out more about the Award, visit the Bristol PLUS webpage, view the Bristol PLUS Award Introductory Talk video or attend a Bristol PLUS Award Live event tailored for postgraduate researchers.

Register for the Award by the 14 February 2021 to take part this year.