Completing your Masters application? Let us help!

Having explored whether postgraduate study is an option for you, and weighed up the pros and cons, you’re now ready to submit your application… but where do you start?!

We often meet students and graduates that find making a start to this process overwhelming. This blog gives you a checklist to inspire you to make a start and provide you with resources that can help you to complete your application. 

  1. What and where?
  • Not unlike completing a job application, time spent on preparation and research will reap dividends in the long term and could help avoid costly mistakes later. If you’re not sure where to start, then look at our guide on mycareer.
  • This is also the time when talking to graduates who have studied on the course you are interested in could be invaluable. You can do this via our alumni network at Bristol Connects or LinkedIn.
  1. Preparation, timeframe, and deadlines.
  • You will need to make sure that you leave lots of time to get your application ready, not least because it may well involve several components. These could be a tailored CV or personal statement, written references and/or a research proposal.
  • Ensure that you contact the course provider, check their application deadlines, and have those important conversations with admission departments around the possibility of early cut off dates if applications should reach a certain level.
  1. The personal statement.

And finally, get your application reviewed and checked. You may want to ask your tutor and/or current course leader to have a look initially.

Whilst we leave the proof reading to you, the Careers Service can review your application, checking on structure, tailoring and general readability.

Good luck!