Have you heard of Student Circus? Our time-saving jobs portal for international students

Are you an overseas student, looking for work in the UK, but short on time?

We know there are lots of competing demands on international students’ time. Often juggling both independent and group assignments, and this year, adjusting to doing this remotely online. In normal circumstances adapting to a new culture, city, and education system presents enough to be getting on with. On top of all this, is the task of finding graduate work. This can be time consuming as an international student. From getting to know the UK jobs market to understanding the graduate visas available. Not to mention choosing roles you have an interest in and feel you could contribute to.

International student job portal, Student Circus, advertises internships, placements and graduate jobs across a range of sectors and company sizes, from start-ups to large multinationals.

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Find pre-filtered UK sponsored jobs

You can browse for UK graduate jobs where employers will be willing to sponsor you. Student Circus have done part of the hard work for you, having already cross-checked an employer’s ability to sponsor international students. This saves you the time of contacting HR to check and allows you to focus your energy on writing high quality applications.

Gives you confidence

Students have said using Student Circus, has given them confidence in taking their applications forward, knowing that the employers on the site welcome the unique and diverse skills you are bringing as highly capable international candidates. You might like to watch our ‘Communicating your value to home and UK employers’ video for more on this.

Student Circus also makes life easier to find jobs back home or elsewhere overseas

When studying in the UK, it can be a challenge to keep in touch with your home country labour market and find jobs overseas. Student Circus have identified employers in 29 countries who are likely to particularly value your global experience and education. Simply go to your dashboard and select which country you wish to apply in. Remember to check out our ‘Successfully navigating your home country job market’ video for tips on making effective applications.

For an in-depth look at using Student Circus watch the recorded session, ‘Simplifying job searching for international students in the UK’. Or, to listen to our very own Sarah Cooper talking to Tripti Maheshwari, one of the co-founders, visit Student Circus, ‘Job search as an international student’ Instagram takeover. They answer your burning questions.

Let’s get started

  • Step 1 – go to https://bristol.studentcircus.com/ for our dedicated portal for which you have free unlimited access to all of the jobs and platform’s features
  • Step 2 – select the University of Bristol
  • Step 3 – use your university email to create an account

Happy job-hunting! Remember you can ask any career-related questions daily through the Careers Services Live Chat or self-book into an Information and Advice appointment.