The Start-up Accelerator

The Start-up Accelerator is a series of events put on by the Basecamp Enterprise team which are taking part between October and December with the aim of equipping you with an enterprising skillset. This skillset will help you become more employable as well as equipping founders with the start-up knowledge needed for developing their start-up. 

‘’What is an Enterprise skillset?’’ 

You may hear that phrase and think it just applies to those who wish to set up a business. That may not be within your career plans but enterprise skills are still very important. 

Enterprise skills may also be called ‘employability skills’ or ‘soft skills’ and these types of skills are always sought after by employers, yet many candidates overlook their importance. Skills that make up an Enterprise skillset may include the ability to make strategic decisions, working independently and problem solving.  

The Start-up Accelerator includes 9 events, ranging from preparing to pitch- which will refine your preparation and communication skills- to planning out your ideas.   

You’ll fill out a skills assessment pre and post scheme, this is an opportunity to reflect on your skills development and the skills you acquired as part of the programme.  

As well as enhancing your enterprise skillset and start-up knowledge, during programme, you will have access to a community of enterprising students through the Student Enterprise Network.  The network is made up of three University of Bristol Enterprise societies- EnactusInnovation Design and Bristol Entrepreneurs.  Being part of the network, you’ll receive access to exclusive events, networking opportunities and more. 

On completing the Start-up Accelerator you’ll also receive an endorsement badge which you can use to demonstrate credibility on your website, CV and social media pages. In addition, as part of this programme, you’ll receive access to funding opportunities through the New Enterprise Competition, and your attendance counts  towards the Bristol PLUS Award. Lastly, you’ll get the opportunity to meet fellow students who are also interested in developing their skillsets and may be starting to think about developing a start-up. Your networks of the future! 

So, what are you waiting for? Applications to take part are open until Wednesday 27 October.  We also have a talk on the 29 September to answer any questions you may have. Book your attendance now.