Getting your dream job in the media

Are you looking for the holy grail?

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We’re often asked for a list of graduate vacancies in the media. The problem is it doesn’t really exist. At least not in one place. But the good news is that with determination and creativity you can hunt down hidden opportunities.

Whilst there are jobs listed on specialist recruitment websites such as BristolMedia, Mandy and Creative Access, you’ll need to be more creative in your approach than you might in other sectors.

The qualities you’ll need:

  • creativity
  • tenacity
  • perseverance
  • resilience
  • pragmatism
  • networking skills.

Getting your foot in the door

Like many other industries today, you are going to need relevant work experience. In the early days this may be voluntary, but as you build a reputation you’ll start to see the financial reward.

Approaching small or medium sized companies (SMEs) with an open request for work experience, shadowing or just a chat over coffee could open doors and become the first stepping stone on your journey. Have a look at our SME Internship scheme for paid opportunities advertised now.

Creating your own work

Start early and get involved with every opportunity to develop your own portfolio of work. This could include creating your own blog or vlog, a website with creative content, contributing to the student newspaper, TV or radio station.


Put yourself out there and meet like-minded people who have connections. The first person you meet might not be able to help you, but maybe their friend or colleague can. Use your personal, family, work and study connections and search for meet-ups and business networking events in your area. Seek out university alumni with similar interests and experience. Use Bristol Connects and the LinkedIn alumni tool to find people who might give you some inspiration or advice.

Branding yourself

To succeed in the media world, you’ll need to be ‘shiny’! This means promoting yourself by using all the tools you can to raise your profile and maintain a presence that will gain you recognition. Use LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook – but don’t just lurk. Make sure you engage and use these tools regularly to join groups and discussions.

Polish your CV and keep it up to date and relevant. You can afford to show a bit of flair if you want to catch the eye of employers.

(image from Pixabay)

Need more pointers?

By combining grit with passion, it really is possible to secure your dream job in this ever evolving and exciting industry.