Equality and Diversity Careers Week is coming!

Equality and Diversity Careers Week 27-31 January

Employers are waking up to the importance of equality and diversity in their graduate recruitment.  According to the Institute of Student Employers, 76% of employers now consider social mobility to be a priority.  

But what does equality and diversity in careers really mean? And how do these values affect you? 

For the week of 27-31 January, the Careers Service and Bristol Students’ Union are putting on fifteen events to explore and celebrate diversity as a workplace strength. 

You’ll have the chance to:  

We also have two events particularly for students with disabilities. One of these is around discussing disabilities, adjustments and strengths with employers, and the other is for students with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, offering mock interview preparation with real employers.  

The week is a joint venture between the Careers Service and the Students’ Union, and as a team we’ve been really excited to collaborate with a whole range of different people and organisations, including EmployAbility, Aspierations, the 93% Club, Upreach, and Robiu Salisu, the Student Inclusion Officer (BAME).  

If you’re unsure whether to attend, here’s what Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, SU Undergraduate Education Officer had to say about the first Equality and Diversity Careers Week she attended: 

In my second year, I attended the first Equality and Diversity Careers Week, and it helped me feel really confident to explore what I wanted to do after university! 

Whatever stage of career planning you are at, whether you have twenty ideas or none at all, there are plenty of opportunities to come along to this week and get some help with getting to where you want to be. You could choose to come to a ‘Confused about your career’ talk, hear about the paid SME internship schemes we run, or simply drop into our Careers Café for a hot drink and a chat. 

Sign up now to Equality and Diversity Careers Week.